Feel confident in your hair, cut and style

Women’s and Men’s Haircuts and Style Services

Trust – it’s one of the most important feelings you can hold when it comes to choosing a hair stylist. We understand how important trust is, and it is why our stylists strive to provide each client with the outcome that they want. It is our goal to ensure that your haircut, color services and style best complement your own features. When you schedule a free consultation with us, we will:

  • Discuss and review your hair history and the current condition of your hair and how this relates to the look you wish to achieve
  • Discuss style options and decide together on a look that will be flattering to you, as an individual
  • Review how you can best maintain your hair and style at home and in-between salon visits

During your haircut and style service appointment, we will:

  • Use hair tools, techniques and high-quality salon products that are best suited for your hair and style
  • Cut your hair with precision and care and ensure you are pleased with the outcome
  • Include additional services such as a bang or neck trim upon request

Not only are our hair consultations completely complimentary, we consider them essential to our both our clients and our stylists in creating a trusting relationship where expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Please Contact Us today to schedule your free consultation and subsequent hair appointment with one of our experienced stylists!